Access Control

Access control provides security by giving flexible control over who is allowed to enter and when they can enter a building or outside facility. The systems CEFS provide will aid in keep your buildings, staff and assets secure.

Whether it’s one door up or hundreds of doors across multiple sites, CEFS offer systems, networking and interconnectivity solutions to suit your needs.

Access to a building can be controlled for example by:- audio, video, push button digital code, proximity, biometric (finger print) equipment.

Any small or medium sized site such as small business premises, sports clubs, and storage facilities requiring controlled access for staff or others can benefit from a CEFS standalone or compact system, larger commercial sites requiring control of multiple doors can often benefit  from a PC based system.

Access is gained from the lower form of security by using a numeric code or with a PIN with a keypad, or more commonly by presenting a proximity token or magnetic stripe card, depending on which type of reader is installed. Emerging biometric technology can also be installed which utilises the unique fingerprint of authorised personnel to provide access.

Our access control systems help boost your business safety and profitability by keeping any threats externally whilst valuable assets can stay out of sight and beyond temptation.