We can provide you with the most appropriate CCTV system and expert advice on the latest technology available. Digital recording, fibre optic transmission, radio transmission and computer monitoring are some of the solutions you may require.

Systems can be integrated with Access Control and Intruder systems to provide a complete package tailored to your specific needs.

We can install multi-channel Digital Video Recording (DVR) with multi-day recording facilities as part of a complete CCTV package – this can give you options such as local/remote control room monitoring and Smartphone remote viewing.

CCTV cameras for day and night vision both for external and internal applications along with ancillary equipment for installation to enable wall and mast mounting, monitoring systems and digital video recording equipment. Ideal for car parks, entrances, marina’s, sports grounds as well as inside factories, warehouses, stores, shops and more…

• Day and Night Dome Cameras
• IR Cameras
• Speed Domes 360 Viewing

• External Camera Packages
• Colour Cameras
• Covert Cameras

CCTV – Detection Repel & Call Out

CEFS can design and install sophisticated CCTV systems that will monitor and react to movement at the perimeter and/or inside your premises – the CCTV camera will then follow the intruder while recording the activity on a  DVR. Operators at a remote monitoring station are then able to make  an audible voice announcement warning the intruder to leave the location; if no action is taken the operators will then make a callout to the local Police. This type of system has been shown to be most effective as a deterrent to unwanted intruders.

IP Addressable CCTV Systems

IP (Internet Protocols) Addressable CCTV Systems enable transmission of images direct to your PC or network saving on the need for cabling. Central management software integrates each camera which has its own IP address enabling accessed by several users on a network or via the Internet, using a PC or laptop.

CCTV – Control Panels & Monitors

Your CCTV installation can be controlled in real-time with the inclusion of a suitable digital hard drive recorder with images being viewed on a carefully selected television monitor or, if you preferred, on your own PC Monitor.  This equipment will be located within the protected premises but images can be viewed remotely see Detection Repel & Call Out and iPhone and Smart phone apps. In simple terms CEFS will design, install and commission your complete CCTV installation and then back that up with a tailor made preventative maintenance package.

iPhone & Smartphone Apps

Smartphone applications now have an important role to play in CCTV surveillance applications enabling you to remotely monitor your CCTV system. CEFS offer a range of products that will work with iPhone, Smartphone & Blackberry surveillance applications.