Fire Alarms

Whether you are a small commercial premises that requires a simple 2 zone conventional control panel with bells or sirens for warning or an industrial site that needs a more sophisticated multi point addressable scheme with a fire brigade response CEFS will be able to provide a solution.

Whilst the system will be tailored to your exact and unique requirements it will always fall in line with BS8539-1: 2013 and/or any other requisite industry standards.

Traditionally fire alarms have been constructed using conventional break glass call points, smoke detectors, heat detectors etc. Recently however there has been a surge in the use of smoke beams which can cover roof space up to a distance of 200m by simply installing a transmitter at one side of the building and a receiver at the other. Utilising technology in this way will greatly reduce the overall installation time and thus cut down on business disruption. For higher risk buildings Air Sampling equipment is being used more and more and is a very popular with the fire authorities and insurance companies.

Once the system has been commissioned and handed over to you there is of course the added comfort of knowing that we have engineering support available to you around the clock 365 days a year should you require it.

In keeping with BS5839-1, under our maintenance contract you will receive 2 visits from our engineers per year to ensure your fire alarm system, be it old or new, is running up to scratch and is fully compliant with British Standards.